Boiler Insurance Cover

There are four main types of boiler insurance available from providers.

  • Boiler only
  • Boiler and heating system
  • Boiler, central heating system and drains
  • Boiler, central heating system, drains and electrics

Within these four groups, each boiler insurance provider will have their own variations in what is included in their plan. It’s a good idea to compare a range of plans before committing to buy so you can find one that gives the best deal and suits all your requirements.

Depending on the plan you choose, there are several features and services that may be included. Some plans offer annual boiler servicing as part of their cover and some will cover the costs for any parts and labour needed. Unlimited call outs are provided by some suppliers and some even guarantee same day response.

Whether these options are included in your plan, will depend on the level of insurance cover you require and how much you are prepared to spend on your premium.

Always read the small print before signing up to a boiler insurance plan. All providers usually have some limitations on what is included. Some put an upper limit on the amount that can be claimed, others offer a limited number of call outs per year. Always check what the provider terms as an emergency. Situations such a dripping tap may not be entitled to a call out from an engineer or a boiler over a certain age.

How important these limitations are to you will depend on exactly what you require from your insurance, the level of service you want and the financial cost of the premium. Compare prices on each service and read up on what each plan will or will not cover, enabling you to make a wise and informed choice, suitable to your specific needs.

There are certain situations where you may not be eligible to take out central heating cover or boiler insurance:

  • Some providers will not cover boilers over a certain age. It is unlikely you will be offered insurance for a boiler over 15 years old.
  • Council tenants are excluded from purchasing boiler insurance or heating cover. There will be provisions already made in their tenancy agreements for any repairs or emergencies.
  • Properties used for commercial purposes are excluded from certain cover plans.
  • Not all providers will offer cover for homes with a very large boiler output. Properties with seven or more bedrooms are usually ineligible.

Always check your eligibility for boiler insurance before choosing a plan and always ensure you compare like for like, remember the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, it may be cheaper due to reduced cover.